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By Nineth Rachma


( Published on Bali & Beyond Magazine, February 2017 )


New world-class destinations for athletes and fitness enthusiasts in Bali…

Bali has earned its reputation as a surfer’s paradise and a prime destination for wellness and holistic retreats, for many years now. While Ubud has been the icon of the global yoga community, Canggu has now evolved to a destination for travelers who are into more dynamic physical activities. The rapid development in Canggu has brought a lot of hip cafes and boutique hotels to the area, and many new world-class fitness facilities have now also settled in, adding more reason for health enthusiasts to visit Canggu. There are over ten new gyms open on the island since 2013, and Canggu is home to many of the best ones. Here are the top three best gyms in Canggu and their stories.


Fitness Journey

After 11 months since their grand opening in February 2016, CrossFit Wanderlust has already started the expansion of their 500-square-meter facility with another 600 square meters of space, now still under construction. The gym welcomes over 130 clients and offers seven classes a day, and is the first gym to open seven days a week. They also give a full-day open gym access for visitors who want to do solo trainings or follow their own programming routines. CrossFit Wanderlust has quickly grown into the biggest CrossFit community with its loyal members of both local and visiting expats.

While other CrossFit boxes have classes for beginners, Wanderlust applies on-site fundamental training through their dual coach-led group classes where everyone completes the same workout but scaled down to suit each participant’s personal skill levels. All levels are practiced side by side, and the participants push their limits together to get the best result under the supervision of their certified Level 1 CrossFit Coaches. It is obvious that owner and head coach, Dave Driskell, has successfully brought CrossFit to this island with style. During his years of living like a nomad while coaching at various CrossFit branches across Asia in 2012, Dave has inspired over one million followers on social media through his #wanderlustwods journey. His passion for travel and CrossFit finally took him to Bali which he calls home, not only for himself, but also for his #wonderlustwods with his growing community.

CrossFit Wanderlust is fully equipped with over 6,000 kilograms in weights alone, over 40 barbells and soft med-balls, more than 60 kettlebells and a soon-to-be-installed bouldering wall as well as extra rigs, gymnastic space and more rowers and bikes within their additional space. CrossFit Wanderlust offers other distinctive features such as Metcon class (a 45-minute high intensity interval body weight workout) and Movement class (a mix between yoga, balance, ring work, gymnastics and flow), and is looking into expanding a wide variety of new classes including CrossFit Kids and meal prep.

CrossFit Wanderlust
Jalan Padonan No.7, Canggu


Bali Family

Steve Suryadinata, owner of Jakarta Muay Thai Camp, has finally made his dream of establishing MMA, Muay Thai and BJJ in Indonesia come true by teaming up with Andrew Leone, the ONE Championship contender who used to coach at Phuket Top Team together with his brother Anthony Leone and Don Carlo-Clauss. Steve’s dream of giving local Indonesian fighters the opportunity of receiving world-class training was supported by the Leone brothers. Don was also excited to team up and relocate to Bali. The four became a solid team ever since, and are busy helping Indonesian fighters to win international competitions. They have also created a community they proudly call “Bali Family”.

Bali MMA’s mission is to provide world-class training at a state of the art facility amidst the tropical setting of Bali where everyone can reach their goals in a fun and friendly environment. Be it for general fitness or self-defense classes or to give training to competitions, Bali MMA strives to preserve combat sports in Indonesia and help develop local fighters to have a successful international career.

Bali MMA consists of two main training areas, each one is over 100 square meters. The BJJ/ Grappling room is equipped with new wall-to-wall Zebra mats and wall padding, and is perfect for BJJ, Grappling and MMA. Meanwhile, the semioutdoor Boxing and Muay Thai training area has a full size boxing ring and 15 various heavy bags, and is also matted throughout. There are various classes for all levels for adults and kids. Bali MMA also occasionally holds “Bali Fight Night” where everyone is welcomed to join this community to watch matches accompanied by some music.

Bali MMA has created the #Balifamily community. They have been giving training every day since they were first established in October 2014, and continue to grow and provide excellent classes for their members. Bali MMA was born from people who are easy going and family oriented, and their positive attitude creates a friendly and fun atmosphere that makes Bali MMA feel like home.

Bali MMA
Jalan Raya Padonan No.6 Tibubeneng, Canggu


Love and Business

As Bali’s first ever Affiliate CrossFit, S2S CrossFit has been maintaining its ‘Quality Coaching & Community’ values. It was married couple Crissilia and Matt who founded S2S CrossFit, a business that was born from their passion in CrossFit which they equally share. They built their first S2S CrossFit box in Canggu back in 2013.

It all began when Crissilia, who had been working at a commercial gym in New Zealand, decided to take a six-month break in Bali to focus on training and surfing. During her trip, she found there were not many gyms in Bali, and so she decided to open a small personal training studio in Canggu with a small number of equipment for her clients. That was where she met Matt, who was one of her first clients. The two decided to team up together and created S2S CrossFit. Together, they started a family and run a business in harmony.

S2S grows together with their members and employees. They also have quality athletes in their community who share the same values. After Crissilia and Matt got married, the two expanded the business by opening a new Jimbaran facility on 5,000 squaremeters of land. This new fitness space has a spacious and fully equipped training area including an auditorium, a soccer field, two volleyball courts, two basketball courts, a Yoga area, showers and other facilities that can accommodate up to 400 people. Crissilia who is also a nutrition consultant decided to team up with Bali’s top experienced French chef and create Fitmeals™, a tailored meal plan to help clients stay on track with their daily nutrition intake.

Despite the rapid growth of fitness industry on the island as well as the development of their own business and their new life as parents, Crissilia and Matt try to keep their community solid. This year, Crissilia and Matt will focus more on their clients’ transformation on an individual basis by having smaller number ratio of coaches to clients, adding more variety of Fitmeals™ and getting closer to their members and employees.

S2S CrossFit
Jalan Raya Semat, Canggu



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