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( Published on Bali & Beyond Magazine, May 2017 )


Bali has always been one of the most popular romantic destinations for couples from all over the world, simply because we all agree that a long walk along the beach holding hands is still romantic. When it comes to reigniting romantic sparks in a relationship, couples are mostly looking for a place where they can relax and unwind. And Bali has the answer.

However, the island has evolved in so many ways that choosing where to spend your precious week with your partner isn’t that simple anymore. There is an abundance of resorts and activity packages to choose from. But if you are looking for something more than a typical romantic activity, these extraordinary experiences may just be the most romantic getaway of your life.


Canggu’s Gem

Our first paradise is the enchanting beauty of Plataran Canggu Bali Resort & Spa. Located in Canggu, the newly hip and popular spot on the island, Plataran Canggu is the perfect place for all romantic purposes, from celebrating the most special day of your life to spending your honeymoon.

With venues for an intimate ceremony for two to a spectacular alfresco dining area for up to 150 guests, Plataran Canggu is ready to host your special day. Its manicured garden offers a tranquil open space to share your love with your close circle. Plataran Canggu – where the comfort of fine living seamlessly blends in with nature and tradition – is an exotic labyrinth of Balinese luxury with enchanted gardens and 19 traditional stylish villas.

Clad with thatched-roof villas and antique carved doorways with private swimming pools and lush gardens that offer plenty of privacy, Plataran Canggu is truly a homey paradise. Everything here is personalized. You can soak up the sun, feel the breeze of the wind in the manicured gardens or Balinese restaurant, relax your eyes and indulge top-notch Balinese hospitality service amidst the peaceful atmosphere with no sound but the bird’s call and cricket’s hum.

A couple’s massage or a romantic bubble bath is also available to take your stress away every day. Meanwhile, selections of delectable dishes for romantic dinners, a la carte lunches as well as private celebrations are available at Teras Restaurant. The terrace is a paradise on its own as it leads to a sparkling pool overlooking the river with waterfalls and a cacophony of birds singing.

The most special part of the property is the Aurora Deck. The enchanted garden is such a magical and perfect place for you and your loved one to start your new eternal journey, renew your vows or enjoy a candlelit dinner under the stars.

While the resort’s atmosphere is a far cry from the crowds, Plataran Canggu is actually just a 15-minute drive to the beach. Some of the popular restaurants in the area are also just a stone’s throw away for those wanting to venture out. But why should you go out when everything in this property sets the mood for romance?

Plataran Canggu Bali Resort & Spa
Jalan Pengubugan, Banjar Silayukti, Canggu
(0361) 411-388


Romantic Menjangan

The next destination involves the feel of time traveling. After about an hour drive from South Bali you will feel the warm temperature is shifting to rather chilly and fresher air as you arrive at The View by Plataran to enjoy a romantic lunch overlooking a majestic mountain in the misty Munduk Catu area in Tabanan. Here, treats galore with the view of natural beauty of the surrounding await you.

Passing Munduk Catu, the view and the faces of the Balinese along the way slowly take you back to a real vision of how Bali used to be. When the temperature starts to warm up a little, it means you are getting closer to your next paradise a ten-minute drive along the forest where the chirping of Starling birds accompanies your journey.

Once you arrive at your destination, prepare to be in awe of the breath taking view which I personally found almost too good to be true. Standing amidst the wilderness in the West Bali National Park, the luxurious Plataran Menjangan Resort & Spa boasts a view of the lush forest and tranquil ocean. As you breathe in the fresh air, you can feel that Plataran Menjangan is the perfect place to hide from the world for a while.

Covering 382 hectares of land, the resort provides villas that are specially designed with a high sense of privacy as they are located in an exclusive compound overlooking the natural beauty of mangroves – each villa features a plunge pool, a garden and only first-class amenities. The best way to start your day here is by observing wildlife surrounding your villa – expect to encounter some wild deer and birds. An array of activities are also available for you to enjoy the solitude of your romantic getaway such as exploring the wildlife at West Bali National Park, going snorkeling and diving to discover the underwater world with your partner, fishing in a local fisherman’s boat or simply swimming in the infinity pool. Taking a couple’s massage at the spa is also a must.

When sunset approaches, it’s time to slip away for a sunset cruise in a classic phinisi Bali. Sail away on the most blissful romantic experience and enjoy a variety of culinary treats and champagne while watching the golden sun set on the horizon. Hold your better half up close and treasure this unbeatable luxurious romantic moment for life.

Plataran Menjangan Resort & Spa
Jalan Raya Gilimanuk-Seririk, Gerokgak, Buleleng
(0361) 411-388

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