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By Nineth Rachma


( Published on Bali & Beyond Magazine, June 2017 )


Let’s encourage ourselves and the younger generation to play more and grow with resilience and confidence to overcome unpredictable challenges in our daily lives. Superhuman fitness helps us build strong physical skillsets as well as mental and spiritual wellbeing.

In today’s digital world where everything is just at the tip of our fingers, physical movement has become more and more optional. Food and groceries can now be delivered right to our door, while social interactions with friends and family is just a Skype call away – all of this gives us less reason to get off our comfortable couch.

As technology evolves, each day we are presented with alternative choices that require little or no travel at all which eventually affects our health and fitness. And when it comes to fitness, there’s no substitute. The only way to get fit is to actually do some exercises. But how many people look forward to a workout?

The good news is the fitness industry has now evolved too with the birth of so many new training disciplines all around the world, including in Bali. Some of them are more popular than others due to communities that become a big aspect in the fitness industry today. Over the years, more playful and fun-oriented training such as Bootcamp, Crossfit and Parkour have quickly taken over the dynamic of the fitness world. People are now becoming less dependent on exercise machines or equipment, while functional training classes are dominating and more people are now embracing outdoor training.

If you are one of those people who find it hard to commit to a training program and often feel bored of the same workout routines, you might want to try something new. SuperHuman Fitness may be the right answer for you.

Super Fun!
Tah Riq, the founder of SuperHuman Fitness (SHF), jumped off a low building one day. He vowed that if he successfully took that leap of faith, he would leave his uninteresting job in Great Britain and he did. He then created an exercise where people can learn astonishing skillsets while at the same time have the freedom to express themselves, yet still have intense focus and awareness of their surroundings. He formed a training that stimulates both our body and brain to help us develop creativity in overcoming obstacles, have awareness of the environment, and improve our fitness elements of strength, endurance, mobility, agility and balance – the combination of all of these aspects will eventually help us gain confidence.

According to Tah Riq, the SHF is intended to be a center of transformation. Tah Riq found so many analogies to life challenges in physical form. For instance, hanging on a wall represents perseverance in life. Knowing when to hold on and when to let go while swinging between bars is like maintaining relationships. Learning to go upside down and land on your feet in a flip is the same as being disoriented by life. “The purpose of training at SHF is to help you overcome your mental blocks by interacting with the specially designed physical obstacles,” said Tah Riq.

This kind of exercise is all about blending in with our surroundings and being one with it. A holistic method of training that involves not only crazy maneuvers but also a sense of knowing ourselves and our environment better. Fitness is of course a happy side effect!

Finding no urban terrain on the island, Tah Riq thought it would be great to build an urban style obstacle gym in the middle of the rice fields and jungle. Standing on 300 square meters of land, SHF features a five-meter rock climbing wall known as the “Leap of Faith” to reminisce Tah Riq’s experience. They also have a full scaffolding bar jungle gym, inflatable sprung flooring for flips and tricks, a foam pit as well as a range of obstacles, blocks and, just recently, a punching bag.

SHF is all about having a good time, but we all know that when it comes to physical activities, we need to master the basics. The senior instructors at SHF are ready to teach you all the fundamental moves you need to know. However, don’t be surprised if some of the basics seem familiar as you might have done some of the movements when you were a child.

SHF specializes in group workshops to help people overcome mental blocks, but they are also open daily for walk-in guests. SHF also does a lot of offsite workshops for villas and retreat experiences, both include obstacles from the venue. They teach animal movements as well to help people get out of their heads and move their bodies on all fours on the ground. The group workshops are unlike anything in Bali and perfect for a team building or even couples on a holiday. SHF offers glow-in-the-dark sessions in the evening too upon request, and is now in the process of making a more portable venue in Ubud. At SHF, it is obvious that fitness has never been this much fun before!

SuperHuman Fitness
Jalan Sri Rama No. 8B, Legian, Kuta

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