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Exercise in Paradise

Hop on the Phinisi boat and find a hidden paradise to surf or do training sessions with no one else around except you and your friends…
For decades, Bali beaches have been the ultimate surfers’ paradise, and over time they have been busier than ever while uncrowded waves became quite rare to find. On the other hand, perfect waves along almost deserted beaches are what surfers live for – it is every surfer’s dream to be the only one ‘riding’ those clear, barreling waves. Hardcore surfers will do anything to get to a perfect surf spot. It often takes quite a journey, from a steep hill to a long ride through off-beaten treks – some destinations are extremely remote and only accessible by boat. But one thing for sure is that a little patience will go a long way, and if it means finding pure perfect waves, all the effort will surely be worthwhile.
If you are one of those surfers searching for new untouched paradise, Bulan Baru surf charter will take you to secluded places that are lesser known to people. They will lead you to hidden gems with a lot to discover. Purchased in 2014 by owner Todd Gisondi, the traditional Phinisi wooden boat hand-built by craftsmen in Bira in Celebes is equipped with air conditioning and comfortable beds for 10 guests, spacious dining and recreation area, and a cozy top deck with loungers and daybeds to chill after a surf session or watch the magical sunset over an iced cold beer. And most importantly, they take you to places where there will be just you and your friends out in the ocean, surfing pristine waves with no one else around. What more you could ask for?

This is the ultimate choice for a remarkable surf trip with a unique ambience for major relaxation. A number of professional surfers have had their share of this surf trip, such as Jack Freestone, Mikala Jones and Italo Ferrera to name a few. And how could they not resist it? Bulan Baru’s excellent crew takes you on a cruise from one world-class surfing destination to another with a breathtaking view of Indonesia’s tropical paradise. The cruise also comes with complete facilities, such as an amazing chef on board who will prepare delicious food every day, a standup paddleboard (SUP), spear guns and fishing gear for those who want to go fishing or SUP paddling in between surf sessions.

Honestly, this is an island-hopping adventure unlike any other. Bulan Baru’s island hopping packages are varied, including Sumbawa- Sumba-Mangkudu routes, West Java-Panaitan-Krakatau routes and more. The cruise is getting popular as it was fully booked in 2017 – but not to worry, the team is currently building another boat to fulfill the high demand. According to Todd, the new Phinisi boat will be bigger, featuring major upgrades in terms of facility and capacity – a few of exciting plans will be implemented as Bulan Baru always strives for new innovation. And 2018 will certainly be an even busier year.
A magnificent view to see from the Phinisi boat.
Wellness Cruise
Aside from surfing and fishing, Bulan Baru can also take you to an epic wellness retreat called Pulau Retreats led by Bradley Werner and his team of coaches. This retreat combines everything you need for a well-balanced fitness vacation with an unrivalled view of the ocean and the beach. Setting off from Serangan harbor in Bali, the boat will sail away to a much awaited adventurous week filled with fun activities such as yoga and meditation, fitness training, snorkeling, fun waterfall trekking as well as unforgettable local experiences, accompanied by exceptional trainers and an incredible scenery. Healthy and tasty meals are of course a part of the program as well.

A variety of fitness training activities will keep you energized on board, from sprints, body weight exercises to battle rope work and other high intensity training. Feeling a little bit tired? Just jump into the ocean for a refreshing swim. And when morning comes, imagine waking up to a beautiful dawn and starting the day with a sunrise yoga. Then, spend your day cruising along an inspiring scenery of the ocean and exploring the wild and beautiful nature of Lombok and Gili Islands. With Bulan Baru, you can treasure all of that while doing some fun training and yoga sessions, or sipping healthy shakes and coconut water whilst enjoying magical sunrises and sunsets. It’s undeniably the best way to see the beauty of Indonesia’s hidden gems while keeping up with your healthy routine.

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