About Nin


Hi I’m Nin, a joyful mother of the Science Superhero Rey ( 11 years old ) and The delightful annoyance Ruben ( 6 years old ).

I started my career in the fitness industry in early 2008 and I have always been the active and athletic type – quite contrast to the way I have raised in a small village of Sukabumi, West Java.

Instead of settling with doing and being things a common Sundanese woman would – I did just what sets my active and creative self free, which was quite a complete opposite to what defined success where I came from, I was quite a rebel.

At the age of 10, I took part in multi sport athletics and quite a standout one in Javelin throw, speak takraw and Volley ball. In junior high, I also represented my hometown in multiple regional Martial arts ( Pencak silat ) competitions – I’d like to think I was born a warrior.

I was very honored to be working with many clients with various physical and fitness ability & level since starting my Personal Training career at one of the biggest gym chains in Jakarta, I then decided to continue working on my own Coaching and started Wellness Retreats program.

Over the years, my approach to training have developed into a very dynamic aspects, as I myself started practicing as well as deepening my knowledge and skills in mobility training, gymnastics skills, battle ropes, kettle bell and more new training / movement style as I’m striving to learn, grow and be better everyday.


My boyfriend John, had also encouraged me into learning to Surf properly in 2016 and have since taken me to incredible surf trips. Spending a few hours a day out in the ocean on top of my solid training has been my way of meditation.

In February 2017, I’ve also started and been enjoying my new venture as a Freelance writer for a few local magazines covering everything wellness, food and travel – topped off with a bit of modeling for fitness / sports products and program.

Despite my rebellious attitude at a younger age, I’m still a Sundanese woman I knew always am and proud of – a woman who loves to nurture and serve those I love. I’m all of those and more, but I’m most importantly a mother who always strives to be the best role model to my children.

My mission is to make fitness training possible for everyone, making it something to look forward to be doing instead of seeing it as a chore and burden. I want to help making this world a better place through the very thing I know best – one body at a time.




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I’m looking forward to be working with you in both Fitness and Creative fields.

Send me an email should you have any question!

E : balibods@gmail.com